About Terschelling

Villavendel is located in Hoorn. This is a small but cosy village on Terschelling. Nearby you will find some good restaurants and nice bars. The beach is 2 km from the house.

Terschelling is famous because of it’s white beaches, the sea and the dunes, but mainly because of it’s conviviality!┬áThe beautiful island is the middle of the 5 “Waddenislands”. The island has 5.000 inhabitants. The size of the island is 30 by 4 km.

If we talk about Terschelling, we are talking about never ending beaches, plenty of dunes but also some nice forests. You can ride your bicycle or walk around for days and enjoy all the beauty of the island. Here you still find purity and unspoilt nature. This is one of the reasons why the inhabitants of Terschelling are proud of their island. Besides of their honesty the habitants are also very helpful.