Terschelling is a great island to spend your holiday! Everyone will enjoy, there are plenty of things to do.

You can relax at the beach, have a drink at one of the beach bars, take your bicycle and explore the island or just have a walk through the magnificent dunes. For people who like some real action, you can go surfing, kitesurfing or blokarting.

Below some of the activities you can do :
(Unfortunately most of the websites are only in Dutch, but most of them will speak English) 

* Blokart, GPS, Rip experience en nog veel meer…..
At Mooi Weer plenty of outdoor activities you can do. Too many to mention.
Mooi Weer

* Surfing and Kytesurfing
At Terschelling it is amazing for kytesurfers. You can do this at West Terschelling. Surfing can be done at Formerum. For both beginners as experienced people.
Karta Terschelling

* Bunkers
Since 2019 many voluntiers helped to dig the bukers from the second world war. Very special to see and there is also a museum. The bunkers you will find in West Terschelling.
Bunker Terschelling

* Climing 
It opened in 2018! Nice for the kids and also for adults. It is in the wood, between the trees.
Klimbos Klimdaris

* Zeehondentocht
Fun for the whole family. You will see seals for sure.

* Fishing
Go by boat and enjoy the sea and the silence. It’s a day tour, mostly the tour start early in the morning.

*Horse riding
Huifkarbedrijf Terpstra in Hoorn and Puur Terschelling at Oosterend organise horse riding tours for years.
Huifkarbedrijf Terpstra

* Bicycle
The best transportation is the bike.  You can rent them at many places on the island. The viewing is amazing, it is a must do if you are at Terschelling.
Fietsen op Terschelling

* Midgetgolf
Sportive entertainment for all ages.

* Farm
Farm, museum ‘t Hooivak in Hoorn is a place to relax outside. Kids will enjoy themselves, there is plenty to do for the younger kids. It is nearby our accomodation.

Farm ‘de Prairie’ in Formerum, small kids can have a ride on a pony. It will be 100% succes for everyone.

* Zelfpluktuin
Every Summer you can find strawberries, flowers and much more fruit you can pick yourself.

* Cheesefarm
This farm is located in Oosterend.
De Zeekraal