Terschelling is a great island to spend your holiday! Everyone will enjoy, there are plenty of things to do.

You can relax at the beach, have a drink at one of the beach bars, take your bicycle and explore the island or just have a walk through the magnificent dunes. For people who like some real action, you can go surfing, kitesurfing or blokarting.

Below some of the activities you can do :
(Unfortunately most of the websites are only in Dutch, but most of them will speak English) 

* Windsurfing, surfing and kitesurfing
Terschelling is a great place for surfing. It’s paradise for both beginners as experienced surfers. One tip, board are not for rent at Terschelling, so you have to bring your own!
Jonker Watersport Terschelling

* Blokarting (and other active sports)
Just check out the website, this is a great experience.

* Shrimp fishing and watch the seals
A 2.5 hour educational covered wagon ride through the dunes, cranberry fields, forest and beach. Pull together a trawl through the gullies and catch your own shrimp.
Puur Terschelling

* Horse Riding
Terpstra, located in Hoorn, organises since 1905 trips with wagons on the island. They can tell you a lot about Terschelling and the history of it. You can join on a wagon or ride your own horse through the forest, dunes and on the beach.
Huifkarbedrijf Terpstra

* Bicycle
Riding a bike is the best way to explore the island. When you get of the ferry, you can rent right next door your bicycle. They will bring your luggage to Villavendel and you go on your bicycle and enjoy the fresh air and the views of the forest, dunes and beaches.
Fietsen op Terschelling

* Mini-Golf
Relaxing moments for all ages.

* Children’s Farm
Children’s farm and agriculture museum ‘t Hooivak in Hoorn is a place to enjoy the fresh air and to cuddle animals. You will learn lot of things and see the life of a farmer.

* Fruit Gardens
Every summer you can pick your own biological strawberries, other berries (cranberries), beautiful flowers and lots of other fruits. Come and seize the day.

* Cheese Farm
This biological farm, located in Oosterend, has a big room where you will learn all things about making cheese. You can also learn how to make wool and learn everything you want to know about sheep. There is also a mini museum. Children can play in the play area, make lots of things with all natural materials and or do a treasure hunt. In the months Februari till May there will be many lambs.
De zeekraal